Friday, November 26, 2010

Twenty Eleven

Last year I set my self the resolution that I would not buy any clothes for 2010, I was only allowed to make my own. This only last till August which I still think is a decent effort. I hadn't done any sewing since July until this week when I whipped up a polka dot top that I had cut out many moons back. Apart from that I have started o a scarf for a friend in chilly London but I don't think its going to be finished in time to get to her by Christmas.

Without sewing my evenings had become rather bleak and boring, aside from the odd yoga class. Consumed by boredom the ever wise and all knowing boyfriend suggested I needed a hobby, but not just a hobby, a goal, something to work towards and fill my free time with. This is the plan

There are twelve essential wardrobe items that every woman should have. As a sewer these are twelve things I think should be added to my repertoire. Therefore each month of next year I will complete one item off this list of twelve. Some of the simpler things like t-shirts I will make two of. There will be no restrictions on other purchases but I will have to complete one piece each calendar month. Also there will be a vintage or retro twist on most items as that is my aesthetic of choice.

I will post a list of the items I plan to make in another post. This is by no means a definitive list of 12 classics, it is merely my interpretation of 12 classics and things I am willing to make and don’t already have. For example I don’t have blue jeans or a trench on the list because they are beyond my sewing skill at this stage and I already own them.

Sew let the sewing challenge for 2011 begin

Monday, November 1, 2010

knit one, pearl one

i just started knitting again!
hadn't had the ol needles out in a while so had a quick reminder lesson from mum, who still has to cast on for me. determined i will learn the the thumb cast on trick! also gave my man a lesson and he picked it up very quickly, this worries me. will have to keep the knitting away from him in case he becomes better than me! also dusting off the sewing machine this week to make a top!
back in the crafty mood! woohoo!