Thursday, May 13, 2010

oh to live in a house like this

Hansel & Gretel

Last night after work, while i meandered to the gym, i watched a woman wandering along casually dropping bread crumbs behind her. i think that she was worried she was going to get lost. i prefer a map.

Friday, May 7, 2010

blogs im not bias towards

Kendyl Stephanie - aka kenny aka kdawg.
a graphic designer in the magazine industry.
beautiful red head like myself (not the lady below but equally as gorgeous)

Chelsea Jade aka Willowships - musican, photographer, beaut.

gets given clothes by designers to flounce around new york in

Jessica Allen aka The Little Look See aka Jallen aka cousin
graphic designer in the magazine industry.
no one looks better in a alice in wonderland flower head piece.

friday guilty pleasure

fridays are for sillyness after all, aren't they?

powder poof

looking forward to getting my make up done with my beautiful irish flatmate next weekend
Elizabeth Arden was such a beaut!


my Ruddigher has agreed to go shopping with me tomorrow to pick up so cool threads for him. this man is not him but they are equally as handsome

feeling best

in love with love

my heart aches, it is heavy with wrought emotion and passion
appease me


These are all images that make me weak at the knees
all will be crafted by the end of 2010
the first image of the Cape is already in the works, navy wool with big gold brass buttons!
So it is MAY!
I am four months in to my sewing challenge
absolutely no clothes had been bought as of the first of this month
but many have been created
i started small with a couple of skirts and tops
then i started on a woolen cape and a retro dress from the 1980's
i have also made a Kimono, a poncho and a school skirt all for costume parties.
each project has taught me a new skill and the sense of achievement is exhilarating
i am allow one piece of clothing off the rack each season under $100
for Autumn it was a beautiful black cardigan adorned with chains that i got on sale for a meager $36, down from $139.
will include some photos soon